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You can buy Advanced PDF Manager by filling RegSoft online purchase form. You can also buy using FAX Order, Postal Mail, Phone or Purchase Order via RegSoft service. The prices are all quoted in US Dollars.

End User Agreement

Please, read Advanced PDF Manager.


Single license gives the right to install and use the Product on one computer only. In order to use the Product on several computers, the appropriate number of Single licenses should be purchased

Site/Domain license gives the right to install and use the Product on all the computers within ONLY one network domain or network group. This license type is for 200 or less computers.

World/Corporate license gives the right to install and use the Product on all computers in all domains within ONLY one geographical location of the organization. This license type is for 2000 or less computers. Please contact us directly for a quote if the Product is to be installed on more than 2000 computers

License type * License cost, US$ Ordering Now URL
Single license 60 Buy Single License
Site license 600 Buy Site License
World license 2500 Buy World License
* Read more about available licenses.

Registration options:

Service provided by, Inc.
10820 Abbotts Bridge Road,
Duluth, GA 30097, USA


Once you've purchased Advanced PDF Manager and received your registration key, you need to register your copy of the program. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. Select "Enter the registration code…".
  4. Copy and paste registration code provided to you.
  5. Press OK button

If you have  any problems during the registration process, please, contact our support service

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