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BSC Designer - Balanced Scorecard Software. Helps to design KPIs, Balanced Scorecards, metrics.

Balanced Scorecard Designer - a Balanced Scorecard metrics support software.

BSC Designer is a balanced score card (BSC) support software. It was designed to help building balanced score card.   

Balanced Scorecard is a conception that transforms strategy to action. Balanced Scorecard is a set of principles that facilitate the understanding of business strategy and goals. BSC is a methodology that converts strategy into real action.  

BSC Designer software is a tool that supports building a Balanced Scorecard system for a company, department or for a sole person. This program helps to build a system that will make it easy to go from strategy to action.  

WinningKPI: need advise about your new KPI? Ask for free - our community will help! Mind Pad - create mind maps  Create mind maps use objects with any properties set. 

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Software for Office

Compare Suite - file and folder compare utility designed to help professionals from various industries compare files and find differences

Compare Suite is a file and folder comparison tool with merge and reporting abilities. 

  • It deals with plain text, binary files and office documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .htm files).  
  • If you work with plain text, then you can edit compared documents, apply or decline changes. 
  • Finally, you can bring comparison details to report.

There is also a freeware version of Compare Suite.

Compare PDF

Compare Adobe Acrobat PDF files. It supports similar and non-similar PDFs. Also, it can compare folder with PDF files and create a comparative report.


Convert Adobe Acrobat PDF file into text. Batch conversion and command line interface supported.

AKS Text Replacer

Powerful text replace utility, before replacement it shows preview and ask for your confirmation. Can replace texts in files as well rename files or folders.

AKS Word Count

Freeware tool released. The product counts words, characters and paragraphs in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Open Office, PowerPoint, RTF.

AKS-Labs in local markets

AKS-Labs products are available in other markets: AKS-Labs Russia, BSC Designer Germany.

Windows utility designed to do one-click incremental backup. Packs all or only changed files into archive, add comments, split archive if necessary.

File Search Assistant - find files, index files, analyze disk space usage, find duplicates and similar files File Search Assistant is a file and text search utility with indexing ability.  

With Files Search Assistant you can search text in plain text files, htm files, together with office documents -- MS Office files (.doc and .xls) and Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf).  

Computer Security Software

Find Protected

Search for password protected files on local disks and across a network. This utility aims to reveal inappropriate use of sensitive files.

Shred Agent

Hardware-level file shredder utility that runs in the background and allows to wipe even temporary files.  


check and clear recently accessed files list. Prevent third-parties from recovering your computer history preventing data leakage as a result.

Software for Developers

RoutineBot - GUI testing tool designed to help to do tests of programs using user interface RoutineBot is a visual test automation software.  

RoutineBot designed to help software developers to test software by working with them as user do, e.g. using GUI.

Other Projects


Travel guide project - learn about exhibitions and art events in Europe and Prague.

Reviews of compare and merge tools

AKS-Labs sponsored the professional reviews of compare and merge tools at;