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End User Agreement

"One  registered copy of File Search Assistant may either be used by a single  person  who  uses  the  software  personally  on  one  or more computers,    or    installed    on    a   single   workstation   used non-simultaneously  by  multiple  people, but not both. You may access the  registered  version  of Files Search Assistant through a network, provided  that  you have obtained individual licenses for the software covering  all  workstations  that will access the software through the network. "

Please, read File Search Assistant User Agreement.

Purchase File Search Assistant

File Search Assistant License


1 user:

$70 (">Buy Now)


50 to 99 users:

">$25 per user

2 to 9 users:

">$53 per user  

100 to 249 users:

">$16 per user

10 to 24 users:

">$40 per user  

250 to 499 users:

">$14 per user

25 to 49 users:

">$34 per user  

500+ users:

">$9 per user

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Customers purchase together
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Registration options:



Once you've purchased File Search Assistant and received your registration key, you need to register your copy of the program. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. Select "Enter the registration code…".
  4. Copy and paste registration code provided to you.
  5. Press OK button

If you have  any problems during the registration process, please, contact our support service




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