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AKS-Labs has released v 1.2.5 of File Search Assistant a Windows 98/95/XP/2000/ME/NT effective text search tool that lets search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc), HTML Documents. Regular expression in search query, search reports, preview pane, custom search groups make your search efficient and rapid.  

With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid. Files Search Assistant includes special “Preview” pane, which was designed to save user form routine job. You can search for some text in different documents and File Search Assistant will show you a small piece of found file with your keyword (marked as a bold text). Navigation buttons allow you to navigate through search result in a handy manner.

You can generate report file with your search results. Then you can print it or send by e-mail. You can also copy or move found files and folders from your search results to another folder.

There are some features, which make File Search Assistant especially useful.

This utility provides custom search options, where you can setup your preferable search settings, such as folders to search in and files to search for.

Files Search Assistant can analyze regular expressions in search query and then determine the relevancy of found documents.

Files Search Assistant can search text in zip archive, using “archive-in-archive” function. It can find any document in archive, which contains necessary keywords. “Preview” pane will help you to speed-up search.

As many another search utilities File Search Assistant can search over network,Report generated by File Search Assistant can be easily printed, saved and sent by e-mail can search within results, search by date and by file size, do multi-directories search. Preview ability lets File Search Assistant to be more effective that other search tools.

The only reason to use File Search Assistant is time saving. With this utility you can work more effective and be more creative. It converts your knowledge into information.

Files Search Assistant costs $60.00 (US) (personal license). 30-days evaluation version of File Search Assistant is available from







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