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How I was searching for reportWith File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

This month I was to create a report, but itís not so easy to do, and I decided to find a report created a month later by my colleague and to make my own according to his. I was sure it should be somewhere on my computer or in the local area network, and decided to find it...  

Why I had to use some search utility

I started with browsing the folders on my computer which were arranged by the themes Ė reports, acts and other issues. But I didnít succeed maybe because it was located in a wrong directory. 

Then I decided to look for it in the Network. There also was a huge amount of shared documents, and it again took much time and efforts to browse and view them.

Using Windows Search

After it I decided to use Windows Search utility. It gives possibility to search by title, but I didnít know how the document was named. I tried to search by keywords, but I again didnít succeed. Maybe, Mark, my colleague, who has created it, didnít give the keywords, or he did it wrong. 

Then I tried to find all documents of this type and to search it manually again, but the Windows Searcher doesnít provide the function to search in several folders, and as there were too much of them, I supposed it will again take too much time.  

Using custom search options of FSA allows to make multi-directory search

So, I began to browse the folders again. I remember, Iíve came across it somewhere, but I didnít remember where exactly Ė there are many sites in the network, and they all are alike - doc, txt, rtf, xls files! So, I just got tired of it, and decided to browse my computer again and again, for I should have copied it!  

Click to run FSA flash demo. You will learn what is custom search, preview pane, search report.

I found it...

Oh yeah! I found it! But.. It was located in the folder with miscellaneous documents, having no reference to reports, and the keywords were very strange Ė I could not even desire to search the file using them!

So, after it I have thought, how the problem can be solved, and I decided that only proper keywords should be used, the file should be named accordingly to the subject, and it should be stored in a special folder where all reports are located. I donít want you to repeat Markís mistake and advise to follow my suggestions Ė it will lead to more productive job!

But if you cannot find some document by keyword then File Search Assistant will help you to find any document by description in a handy manner.

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