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Search of fuzzily structured documents

This article is about searching FUZZILY STRUCTURED documents - documents that are on your desktop now, documents that you have just downloaded from web-sites, your personal notes, plans and ideas

In fact this is the most important part of information, you will use this very notes and ideas to create something new in your business. Our goal is to bring the correct information at the right time to your hands. 

What is the problem?

Two keywords - "management" and "fuzzily". We have useful information, but it is structured "fuzzily". 

  • You are not sure where to put (save, download, copy) that file;
  • You are not sure where to find that file;

Document management process involve creating document and retrieving this document. 

  • You don't want to create documents as you like and put it where you like;
  • You want something to let you find necessary documents without any restriction; 

If you read this article then you think about solution that can help you or your business. Continue reading, please.

What kind of solution you need?

  • Something that will not complicate your work. That's why you don't use all this "intelligent" document management systems;

We want to have easy and effective access to our documents and don't want to change our habits. 

  • It should be a powerful tool. That's why you don't use simple and easy to use but useless at all programs. It do nothing besides taking place on your desktop;

What do we SUGGEST?

We do suggest our product - File Search Assistant (FSA), that you can download and try right now.

What makes FSA the best solution for management of fuzzily structured documents? 

  • Custom Search Options. You need several minutes to create new search group. It allows to point FSA where to search for necessary files.
  • Preview Pane. This is the way we suggest to browse though search results. It's allows you to decide quickly if this is the document you need.
  • Report. Another useful function. As you have done some job you don't want to do it again. More over - you want to keep information you found on the tips of your fingers. Generating report will help you.

Download and try File Search Assistant right now!

How to configure FSA?

1) Create Custom Search groups you need. Read more in on-line manual how to do it;

2) Run FSA and pass necessary search query;

3) Use Preview or generate report to manage your documents;

Click to run FSA flash demo. You will learn what is custom search, preview pane, search report.

What if...

I don't understand how FSA can help me. Contact us with short description of your job (short enough to understand you problems and not break your privacy).

I'm having problems with setup of your software. Contact us with problem description.

I already have some solution, but interest in your software. Contact us with your ideas. We can discuss when it is more effective to use solutions you already has and when use FSA.

I want to make my job more effective. Contact us with short description of your job (short enough to understand you problems and not break your privacy).

Get File Search Assistant

You can get File Search Assistant right now. It's a file search tool that allows to search for popular file types on local hard disk and across a network.


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