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Search lost or missing files on your PC

Today’s subject is – searching lost or missing files on your PC. For example, you have saved some file on your hard drive, but unfortunately forgot where exactly. Windows provides you a function of “lost” files search. You may find it in some ways, depending on the information about the file you posses.With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

Windows Find

So, to launch the search machine, click “Start”, then “Search”, then in the submenu – “Files or Folders”.

The machine may find your file by some criterions, depending on what you know about what you are searching.

If you remember the filename

Open the searching application, in the left column there are some text fields, subscribed to help you where and what to enter. So, you remember the filename, type it in the upper field the filename. Computer will search all files, having similar names, and list them all in the right column.

If you remember some text from the file (if it is a text type file)

In the middle field type some abstract you remember from the text. Computer will search all text files, containing the text you have input. And all found files would be listed in the right column.

If you remember the date, when you have created, saved, modified or viewed your file

So, you can use the Search settings, choose the “Date” field, type the required date there, and computer will show you all files and folders concerning that date. It’s really useful when you, for example, work with some file, and after some days forget where it’s saved. But you remember the date, so, you can easily find it!

Other applies

Also you can find data you need using this utility, if it’s located in the local network. For example, you have browsed some computers in your LAN, and found some .mp3 file. Other day you decide to listen to it again, but you don’t remember exactly the computer’s network name. You can easily find it with the help of “:Search”.

Typical problems

However, in this utility there are some bad sides:

  • You cannot use the “Find” utility when there are too many files on you drive cause it takes too much time to find something.
  • File description is not shown in the “Search results” window, it’s not convenient sometimes. 
  • And you may not select several folders to search in – only drive or single folder, often it gives too approximate results.


We created Files Search Assistant to solve those problems:

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You can get File Search Assistant right now. It's a file search tool that allows to search for popular file types on local hard disk and across a network.



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