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Search for files with File Search Assistant - Top 11 Reasons

1. Preview pane

It's a great time-saver. Just click on found file to get preview. The program shows the part of fond file and mark the word you've searched as bold.


2. Custom Search Groups

Often you may need to search for files located in different folder, often on different drives. You may search all folders separately, but itís not very convenient and rational way. Use custom search options to save your time.


3. Search Report

The report contain the text fragment found in the specific file, the keyword, path to the file, represented as a link and . Report is an html page, generated accordingly to search criterions and results.


4. ZIP archives support

With File Search Assistant you can do sub search in zip files learn more.


5. Support of password protected files

With File Search Assistant, you can search text in password protected files, such as MS Word (.doc) and MS Excel (.xls) files.  


6. Extremely handy navigation buttons

Navigation buttons allow to navigate through your search result in a handy manner.


7. Search results management

With FSA you can copy or move your search results to another folder.  


8. Search in pdf files

Need a tool to search for text in pdf files? FSA will do the search with ease.


9. Searching over network

Got a file located on shared hard disk or network folder? Use FSA to do the search.


10. Search within results

Searching within search results is the best way to get your data closer.


11. Searching by date and by file size

This is the way to quickly find data you need.


12. Why people don't use a freeware search tool

This is a fact that most business prefer to purchase a commercial software with a technical support available. But there are some other reasons why people don't use freeware. 


Get File Search Assistant

You can get File Search Assistant right now. It's a file search tool that allows to search for popular file types on local hard disk and across a network.



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