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The most popular products by AKS-Labs



  • Compare Suite is a file and folder compare tool with merge and reporting abilities. Compare Suite deals with plain text, binary files and office documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .htm files). Compare Suite can find differences between documents and produce comparative report. Compare More about comparing files and folders.
  • AKS Image Comparer - allows to compare two .jpg files and show differences between two images. For instance, this tool allows to compare two versions of the same image, chart, diagram or scheme. Read more about image compare tool.
  • File Search Assistant is a file and text search utility with indexing ability. With Files Search Assistant you can search text in plain text files, htm files, together with office documents -- MS Office files (.doc and .xls) and Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf). More about searching files for certain text.
  • PDF2TXT utility, designed to help converting Adobe Acrobat PDF files into editable plaintext. More about converting PDF files.
  • Advanced PDF Manager is a set of PDF management tools - Compare PDF, PDF Search, PDF Index, PDF converting. More about searching, converting and comparing of PDF files.
  • WatchOverEnergy - energy tracking and management software. This is a freeware tool that address energy lost problem. It will help to setup a friendly function to manage monitor stand-by mode. More about energy saving.

Security-related products created by AKS-Labs

  • Shred Agent - file shredder utility designed to wipe files securely. Sensitive files deleted in Windows could be recovered and used by intruder. Shred Agent stays in background and make the deletion of all files (even temporary files that programs create and delete silently) secure. More about Shred Agent file shredder.
  • Find Protected - tool designed to find hidden password protected files. This is a must-have tool for computer forensic specialists and security administrators, it helps to do a forensic research and ensure that users apply password protection in a proper way. More about finding hidden files with Find Protected.
  • Recent Cleaner helps to remove of user activity. Most programs automatically create recently files, a links to recently opened files. Having access to these links, it's easy to find valuable information. Recent Cleaner allows to take control over recent files created in popular program. More about removing recent files.

Also, AKS-Labs is running an Applied security blog. More about security problems blog.

Business Tools

  • Strategy2Act - balanced scorecard software, designed to create and manage balanced scorecard metrics. More about Strategy2Act balanced scorecard software.
  • Mind Pad - is an easy to use mind map software.  Mind Pad allows to create mind maps basing not just on creating and linking text blocks. Mind Pad allows organize in mind maps objects with any properties set. More about mind mapping with Mind Pad.
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