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Customizing Search


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Tree options available to make search time-efficient:

1) You can set necessary search conditions. 

Set necessary search conditions. Then save them to the file (use "Save conditions" command in file menu).

Then you can double click on saved file to open search conditions you need right now. 

2) Creating custom search options. 

With this option you can create your own search group. For example, you have your text documents placed in different folders on your hard disk (C:\My Doc and D:\Projects\Doc), over network (\\Storage\Documents\) and in zip files (your zip files are in folder E:\MyArc\Docs). 

You can  create custom search group and assign to it default search paths and files masks (*.doc;*.pdf;*.txt).

Next time, when you will search in  your custom search group you will just select your custom search group in "Custom search" menu.

For example you would select "My Custom Search".

Creating custom search group is an easy task read more: how to create custom search group

3) Changing default search masks. 

This option allows to change default extensions in "File name" drop down list. For example if you work with some special text formats, then you can simply add your own extension to this list.

Read more: how to change default search masks.

How can Custom Search help you with your search?

Read how Mary, from our sample company. She use _program_name_ to make her job more effective.

Learn Business Apply Samples for full information concerned this sample.


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