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File menuFile menu

Create new index... - creates a new index file. Indexing allows _program_name_ to perform a faster search of text within files. Read more about indexing creating dialog.

Update index... - updates an index file. To update an index choose the  Search index command from the File menu. In the Select file index search box choose the required index file.   Then choose the Update index command from the File menu. When updating index file, you can enable the following options in the Update index options selection box:  Update changed files updates changed files already included in the index, Add new files adds new files, Delete obsolete files deletes obsolete files that were removed from the drive, but the index still keeps information about them. 

Search index... - index searches through the index file. It activates the Select file index box where you need to choose the required index file (with .fsi extension). . In this case the _program_name_ main window displays a name of index file chosen in the Search selection field.

Search disk... - searches a file on a drive. In this case the _program_name_ main window displays a directory tree in the Search selection field.

New Search - clear all the current settings and put in all field default values.

Load search conditions - load search conditions from file

Save search conditions - save current search conditions to file (file mask, directories to search in and other).

Recent sessions - includes ability to open recent search sessions that have been made with _program_name_t.

Exit - close program.

View menuView menu


Standard, Compact - view modes of program. "Standard" is fully functional, "Compact" exclude panel of settings.


Big Icons - make file list to display items as big icons.


Small Icons - make file list to display items as small icons.


List - make file list to display items as a list.


Report - make file list to display items as a table with several columns - most informative view style.


Thumbnails - make file list to display items as a big icon with full description.

Edit menuCustom search menu

Edit - Change Custom Search Options 

Following with specified custom search options, for instance, "Johns's reports"

Search results menuSearch results menu

Open list - open previously saved search results.

Save List - save the list of results to the text file.

Open containing folder/archive - opens folder that contain selected file. If the file was found in archive it opens archive file.

Remove from list - remove selected item from search results.

Select All - select all items (files and folders) in search results.

Generate Search report - generate search report

Help menuHelp menu

Content - open help file

Buy now - open registration page

Feedback - send feedback e-mail to AKS-Labs

About - open About menu

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