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Overview - Search options


Introduction - Overview - Purchasing


1. Case sensitive. _program_name_ will think that a*.txt means exactly a*.txt (not A*.txt) 

2. Search in zip files, read more.

3. Search in  results - searching in results of previous search

4. Append to search results - will add newly founded files to current search results

5. Min relevance - is the minimal relevancy level. Files which are less relevant to search phrase will not be included to search results.


Date search options. 


1. To activate date search options you should check "Search by date" check box.

2. You should specify type of date (creation/access/changed)

3. Then you should specify time interval

4. With _program_name_ you can do precise time search, you can specify time of creation - 12:02:12. So you can easily find files that were creates from 12:02:12 to 12:02:30.


Size search options.


1. Check "Search by size" check box

2. Specify size interval


Search in options.


1. Select path and click "Delete folder" button to remove unnecessary search paths

2. Click "Add path" button to add some path to search in (it can be network drive too)


_program_name_ will first will search in the first item of the list (on picture it is "A:\"), then on "C:\" and so on. So you can specify the search queue by changing the position of path in "Search in..." list.


Text Filters:


Check necessary filter to activate it.


Text filters convert file from some format to the text. It allows _program_name_ to "see" that document as user see it when viewing it. 

For example .htm filter will convert htm document (with all it's tags) to text document, which will contain only information, necessary for analysis of document. _program_name_ will convert .htm to text, which will contain document content, title, information from meta-tags - keywords and description.


Quoting options:

Quoting options tag contains information about displaying lines of files within search results.

Quoting options affect: preview pane, search report

Please note: for plain text files you can specify only number of characters to display before and after found keyword. For .pdf, .doc, .htm, .xls and for other files that _program_name_ convert before displaying, you can specify the number of lines to display. 

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