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Regular Expressions and Document Relevancy


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Regular expressions

allows Files Search Assistant to analyze your search term in following way:

1) +keyword1 +keyword2 +keyword3 - means searching for document with keyword1 or/and keyword2 or/and keyword3

2) +keyword1 -keyword2 - means searching for documents that contain keyword1 and don't contain keyword2

3) +keyword1 +"keyword2 and keyword3" - means searching for keyword1 and/or whole phase - 'keyword2 and keyword3'


Is a value that estimate similarity of keyword to keyword found in document.

Some sample:

Search term: keyword1 keyword2

Document1: "... some text here ... keyword1 keyword2 ... some text here ..." - Relevancy - 75%

Document2: "... some text here ... keyword1 one or two words keyword2 ... some text here ..." - Relevancy - 75%

Document3: "... some text here ... keyword2 one or two words keyword1 ... some text here ..." - Relevancy - 50%

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