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AKS-Labs has released "FSA Resumes management" solution.

If you need to find some documents, such as applicants' resumes... And you have to sort them by some signs - applicants' skills, experience, age, gender and so on then using FSA resumes management solution will ease your work process, make it faster and you'll have more time for other job, demanding real efforts.

The problem of nowadays resumes management solutions is their inflexibility. They demand to add resume into some database but cannot suggest any new option that can help you in your business.

Working with FSA:

        You put new resumes wherever you what - on your hard disk or on shared network drive or in zip archive;

        You keep resumes without necessity to convert them into some particular file format. It can be .pdf (Adobe Acrobat file) or .doc (or other MS Office files), e-mail message or web page saved to hard disk;

        You have a powerful solution to manage all those files;

Managing resumes with FSA is quite simple. You just put in search field applicants' skills you want to find. You can visit home page of FSA on and learn more about resumes management from flash demo.

And after you find all data you need, FSA may generate the HTML-file with the search criterions and with the file list with paths to all files, relevance and quotations from the source file, and it's quite useful, if you need, for example, to send the report to your boss. 

And if you need to group the files somehow, you may copy or move all or some found files to a separate folder, for example, completely suitable applicants - to "Completely" folder, partly - to "Partly" and so on... FSA allows you to do it directly from it's own shell.

How I stated managing resumes with FSA:

Managing resumes with FSA, flash demo: - 000




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