Search file for text and do file searches fast


Find and manage files in business enviroment. Files Search Assistant can be applied to any business that involve document management and make it time-effective.

Search and find documents related to litigation support. Use File Search Assistant to search legal documents, tax forms or legal citations.

Search files related to healthcare. This review describes how does File Search Assistant help healthcare professionals to manage documentation efficiently

Customer Support: find answers and questions fast. The simple way to make your support service cost- and time-efficient is to bring the correct information at the right time to the correct person.

Configure FSA to search and find support issues. Follow tree steps to learn how to integrate File Search Assistant into your support service and make support time- and cost-effective.

Search resumes files with FSA. Often I need to find some documents, in most cases applicants' resumes. Read more about FSA application.


Custom file search - Flash Demo: Creating custom search groups which ease the process of searching.

Finding resume files with Files search Assistant - FSA is know for it's ability to find documents easily, learn how to manage resumes with FSA.

Powerful of Google search for local hard disk - Google is know for it's powerful search, how to bring such a powerful search to the desktop, but keep sensitive files secure.

Search pdf file for certain text - FSA allows to search text within popular file formats, let's learn how FSA search in pdf text.


Search and find fuzzily structured documents and files - your documents are structured fuzzily - interested in searching documents fast?

Effective Customer Support Solution - when supporting your users, you need to manage a lot of useful information efficiently. Use FSA to find necessary answers quickly.

Zip file search - how to search text in archive - archives is not some hidden in deep pack of files, it's your knowledge base. Learn how to use it efficiently.

Powerful of Google for local hard disk - how to search files on local hard disk as efficiently as you do in google.

File search program with ability to generate reports - your search results are always easy readable.

Do advanced file search with custom search groups - save your favorite search parameters.

How I was searching for report - it's a funny story about how it's sometimes hard to find necessary file.

Search lost or missing file - let's talk about how to find file that you have lost.

Search text and do content search with FSA - preview function of FSA makes it really useful for content search when it's necessary to scan documents.

Search for files with File Search Assistant - top 11 reasons - learn 11 top reasons, why use FSA to search your files.

Search PDF files for text - why and how to search effectively - pdf file format is know for it's popularity. But it's really hard to search within these files.

XP file search engine - search for files with preview - XP has a built in file search function, but it fails to find text in some popular file formats.

Regular expressions in search - FSA can search not only plain text, but search for some regular expressions within file texts.

Regular expressions in search query - some questions about how to use regular expressions with FSA.

Effective files structure - learn about some advice how to manage file efficiently, not only files you need to search in, but all your files.

Search Word document and search Excel files for a certain text - some samples how can FSA search for popular file formats.

Search in HTML and HTM files - how to create local html search engine - must have tool for web-masters.

How to search files over network? - need to search and find files over the network? FSA will help!


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