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Regular expressions in search query


I’ve downloaded FSA and am very impressed with it.  One issue for my use is that I need to search documents that contain both of two terms, e.g., “apples and oranges”.  Is there a way to do this search without getting “apples and/or oranges.”  The or gives me more results than I want or need and is also less specific than I need.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Well, there is one solution for this issue.

Run FSA search with: +apples +oranges search query, then you will get results for both “apples or oranges” and “apples and oranges”.

What you need to do now is to sort results by relevancy. Do it by clicking on “Relevancy” column.

The results on the top will be most relevant results (“apples and oranges”) lower results will be “apples or oranges”, results below will be results that contain just apple or just orange.

This is the way you can make FSA do what you need. Please note, it won’t make your search slower as searching for “apples and oranges” is just the same as doing search as FSA do, but erasing some results then. Those results can be useful for you.

Another note: if you don’t really need to search for “apples or oranges” then change minimal relevancy level. By default it is 20%.  Making is higher you will remove unnecessary search results from result list.

Thank you for your question.

Hope you will find FSA useful and apply it to you business or home work.

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