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Common product questions


Introduction - Overview - Purchasing

Product upgrades

How to download the latest version of _program_name_

You should visit download section of product’s web site:  to download the latest version of _program_name_.

Please, backup _program_name_ you are using now.

Then run downloaded file to install it. Please, use the same installation path as you used for previous version of _program_name_.

Once you finished installation you will have a new version of Compare Suite.

How to update _program_name_

For registered users.

Any registered user and download and update _program_name_. Please note: you will not be asked to enter registration code again.

For potential users.

You can download and install _program_name_ updates as long as your 30-days evaluation period expires. Please note: installing new version will keep you trial days number the same. For example if you have 4 days to try _program_name_ 1.0, you will have 4 days to try _program_name_ 2.0.

If you have _program_name_ expired but still want to try new version of _program_name_, please contact AKS for temporary registration key, so you will be able to evaluate new _program_name_ during several days.

Upgrades notifications

All registered users of _program_name_ will receive update notification on releases of new version of _program_name_.

Potential customers can subscribe to _program_name_ newsletter. It is free.

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